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Discover Biblical Brotherhood


What's Membership?

Membership in the BONE Motorcycle Ministry is a truly incredible and greatly rewarding experience! Our members vary in their ages, experiences, and backgrounds. Membership allows for the entrance into a true biblical brotherhood. Additionally, membership in the BONE Motorcycle Ministry encourages personal growth and development while fellowshipping through the common love of motorcycles.

Becoming a member truly requires commitment and dedication. Membership is a commitment to others and a dedication to the ministry. As a member, you dedicate yourself to supporting, encouraging, and holding others accountable. Additionally, membership is the willingness to be held accountable by others. 


Be sure to check out our member's testimonials!


What are some membership benefits?

Membership in the BONE Motorcycle Ministry includes a multitude of benefits! 


As a member, you receive more than a patched vest, you gain a true brotherhood.  Membership benefits include support, fellowship, community service opportunities, group rides/events, spiritual growth, mission trips, lifelong relationships, group travel, and spiritual/physical support.


When you join the BONE Motorcycle Ministry, you're guaranteed to be a part of something more!


Lifelong Brotherhood -- Assurance and Accountability -- Reaffirming Faith -- Constant Fellowship


How do I become a member?

Does this sound like something you want to be apart of? While membership requires a commitment, it's completely worth the work and effort.


If you interested in learning more, read this document. It thoroughly explains the requirements, expectations, and steps of membership. 


If you like what you see or if you have additional questions, contact us!

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