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Our Mission

The Brotherhood Of No Excuses Motorcycle Ministry, also known as the BONE Motorcycle Ministry, is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3), Texas corporation.

The mission of the BONE Motorcycle Ministry is to reach men of all ages and backgrounds to provide support, encouragement, and growth. The BONE Motorcycle Ministry exists to minister to those in need by way of physical aid, counseling, and advocation. We're devoted to the service of others regardless of the situation or circumstance.

As a ministry, we see a world so detrimentally impacted by the absence of husbands and fathers. We believe family preservation begins with the man. The BONE Motorcycle Ministry strives to impact the lives of men by fostering a healthy environment for growth and accountability, creating an atmosphere of "no excuses," and promoting the development of supportive and lifelong relationships.

Ultimately, we desire to create a setting that transforms the lives of men. Time and time again we have seen the undeniable impact a man's transformation has on the lives of his family members, friends, and co-workers. Here, broken and messed up men can come together to share their burdens, seek guidance, and persevere through their struggles. 

Riding a motorcycle is much safer if you travel as a group - the same is true for the life of any man. We all need support, accountability, and fellowship. You don't have to ride through this life alone. Join us and discover a true biblical brotherhood. Let's travel this life together!


Our Chapters

The BONE Motorcycle Ministry has three chapters located in the State of Texas:


Original Chapter Ellis County, Texas


Faith Chapter Tarrant County, Texas


Honor Chapter Montgomery County, Texas


Message us for more information!

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