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Who We Are

The Brotherhood Of No Excuses Motorcycle Ministry was founded in 2011 by four lost and broken men. These four men saw a desperate need for community, fellowship, and accountability. The BONE Motorcycle Ministry is not a motorcycle club, group, or association. Rather, we're a biblical brotherhood that uses motorcycles in the continual service of each other and those in need.

Our membership is made up of vastly diverse personalities, perspectives, and experiences. From doctors and lawyers to former alcoholics and ex-convicts, our members significantly vary in their age, appearance, and personal testimonies. It’s this diversity that enables us to effectively reach men from all walks of life. Regardless of life's circumstances or problems, we're here for you. No matter your age, race, income, or education level, we can relate to you. It doesn't matter who you are, where you've been, or what you've done, this is the place to be. 

Stop trying to fight through this life alone – it’s time to discover brotherhood. Discover love, encouragement, accountability, and support. If you ever feel defenseless or weak, let us be your unwavering defense!

Searching for support and encouragement?
We’re here for you.


Do you ride?
We do.


Interested in brotherly fellowship?
We are.

Desiring spiritual growth?
We pursue it weekly.

Whether you're a motorcycle rider or not, we'd love to connect with you! Take the next step; don’t travel this life alone.

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