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What We Do

The BONE Motorcycle Ministry participates, sponsors, and hosts a multitude of service events that are targeted to help the individual as well as the community.


From repairing a fence for a veteran to delivering blankets to nursing homes, the BONE Motorcycle Ministry works to provide charitable support, aid, and service to those in need. Additional service projects include delivering toys to children in hospitals, home repair for the disabled, highway clean up, canned food drives, and so much more.

For example, we annually deliver blankets to numerous nursing homes, and bimonthly we clean up trash along the highway. In addition, we mow yards, paint fences, and build ramps for the disabled. Regardless of the task, we exist to serve the community.


In addition to physical and manual labor, we also work to counsel and emotionally support those in need. Our support includes marital, spiritual, and depression/addiction. Additionally, the BONE Motorcycle Ministry serves as an intermediary source for aid. In the event that we are unable to assist or render aid, we work to connect those in need with people, churches, or charities that can more effectively provide assistance.


We strive to be a ministry that provides services and aid that is completely free of charge. Overall, these are only a few of the many ways the BONE Motorcycle Ministry works to give back and support the community.

The BONE Motorcycle Ministry is dedicated to service, committed to accountability, and devoted to outreach.


Are you or someone you know in need? Let us know and we'll see if we can help!

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