Brotherhood Of No Excuses Motorcycle Ministry

The BONE Motorcycle Ministry is an official, 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation. We work to provide charitable aid and promote a biblical brotherhood. We're dedicated to service, committed to accountability, and devoted to outreach. For questions regarding our non-profit status, please contact

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Full Member Since 2011

"BONE is a life-changing experience and without it, I don't know what my life would be like...BONE has helped me to get closer to God and changed my relationship with my wife. My marriage is stronger than ever before. BONE is a life-changing ministry...I cannot imagine my life without these men."


Full Member Since 2018

"I am so much slower to anger, almost completely gone. BONE teaches me to study God's Word and pray more. My wife, sons, sister, and their families have seen a complete change in their dad...listening to their needs and showing true compassion towards them."


Full Member Since 2016

"BONE has been my spiritual guide. Teaching me to be a better husband and father. They hold me accountable for my actions...BONE has made me a stronger Christian. As for my family, they have seen me grow in my Christian walk. Some benefits? You get brothers. You get to fellowship with likeminded Christians who love God and motorcycles."


Support Member Since 2019

"BONE has impacted my life in so many ways. It has given me a brotherhood and a second family. Because of BONE, my family has grown closer to God."


Full Member Since 2019

"We ride, we reach, we restore. If you're looking for a biblical brotherhood with men that have your back and pray for one another, then this is the place to be. We hold each other accountable in our daily lives and our walks with Christ. We are here for each other and eager to share the Word."


Full Member Since 2019

"This is a place where broken men can come alongside one another to support, pray and grow into Christ followers."


Full Member Since 2011

"I am closer to the Father now more than I have ever been before, and I attribute this directly to BONE. Accountability is very necessary for our daily Christian walk. And I know it has helped me to be a better father, brother, grandpa, uncle, and friend...There is always something to do with this ministry. Rides, church, "fellowship, mission trips, etc."


Full Member Since 2017

"BONE is a new family of brothers who will always be available to call on at any time of need...This is the most praying group of men that I have ever seen or heard about. The prayer chain is neverending. God is good! I cannot think of a better support group than these men of God."


Full Member Since 2018

"When I bought my motorcycle, I found a bunch of bikers dedicated to God. My own spiritual health and knowledge have been enhanced by this Brotherhood. We pray for each other, our families, and anyone that needs it. If someone needs help, we go."


Full Member Since 2018

"BONE is a group of brothers who hold each other accountable to live the right way in life and be the men God has made us to be...BONE has allowed me to be more at peace with who I am as a Christian, a husband, and ultimately a better man."


Full Member Since 2013

"I have a group of men, who have the SAME struggles as I do and I know that they are there for me whenever I need a hand, a prayer, or advice...Membership in this ministry has the benefit of a lifelong connection with some of the finest, Godly men on and off two wheels. I am so thankful to be a part of BONE."


Full Member Since 2013

"BONE is being there for each other in times of need. To hold each other accountable and to lift each other up. To spread the word through bible studies, fellowship, and group rides. It has strengthened my relationship with God and makes me want to be a better man"