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The Origin Story

In September of 2011, four men unknowingly set out on a new adventure that would forever change their lives and the lives of others. Brought together by a common love for motorcycles and the weight of their hectic lives, they rode out to the Colorado Rocky Mountains.


On September 16, 2011, Jim "Rooster" Barnes stood overlooking Lake San Cristobal in Colorado when the vision of BONE was first given. Sharing this idea with Joe "Pops" Douglas, Harold "Wingnut" Nezat, and Ted "T-Bear" Maynard, they each began to think of what this could possibly mean for themselves and others. Deep down, these men knew they needed to start a men's group - not a club or riding group, but a motorcycle ministry. They knew there were other men who needed brotherhood. This simple four-letter word, "BONE," resonated in their minds, unaware of the impact it would soon have. From its very inception, the BONE Motorcycle Ministry has been dedicated to changing the lives of men.


Upon returning to Texas, the four men started a small Wednesday night bible study. Throughout this time, they ministered to each other, rode together, and grew in God's Word. The BONE Motorcycle Ministry began with seven charter members. However, over time the bible studies soon quickly grew in numbers. Within just two years, the BONE Motorcycle Ministry grew to encompass three chapters in the State of Texas.


We truly believe this ministry is more than mere fate or coincidence. We believe the BONE Motorcycle Ministry is God-ordained and commissioned. We work to reach, restore, and disciple "lost" men. To this very day, the members of the BONE Motorcycle Ministry strive to carry out the same mission and vision that was given in 2011.

To learn more about who we are, read About Us

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