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To Share is to Save

We are engulfed in a world that leads us to believe that more is better. The price of our home or number of dollar signs in savings account represents our level of success. The more we “have” the more “successful” we are. Believers and non-believers alike have fallen into this contemporary ideology. We work our entire life in hopes of earning a decent retirement or sufficient savings. Obviously, this can only be done by the deliberate act of saving money, not by spending it. No person gives away their entire pay check expecting to build a substantial savings account. No person shares all of their hard earned money with a complete stranger. Yes, people do give spare change to the homeless or donate to organizations, but I am referring to the full and complete sharing of finances with a another person. No teacher, businessman, or lawyer would simply relinquish every pay check they earn. And yet, what if I told you that to share is to save. The more you share with others the more you are actually saving.

Wait...what? How does that logically add up? Here’s how. I’m not talking about dollars or bank accounts. I’m talking about souls. The more you share your faith the more souls you save. Unlike your finances or cash, the more you share your faith the more you save. And yet, we retain the same financial ideology and attitude when dealing with spiritual matters. How often are we guilty of passing someone that is homeless and think “I’m sure someone else will give him money. I just don’t have time today.” How many of us reflect this pattern in our every day lives? How many of us pass by co-workers, neighbors, and friends and think “I’m sure someone else will share Christ with them. I just don’t have time today.” Many of us fail to openly share our faith because we “just don’t have time” but then work for 12 hours a day in hopes that our retirement will be plentiful. Just imagine if we committed to working even just 1 hour a day in hopes that Heaven will be plentiful. The return on our time and effort would be astronomical...a reward far greater than any 401k or pension. A reward that lasts long beyond death.

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